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Letters below were sent to founder Jeff Gold from people helped by Rescue Me!

Sender: Nancy From San Antonio     Date: January 12, 2017 _
     I am a hospice patient and have two animals in my home. One is a 13 year old neutered Akita, who has severe arthritis, is almost completely blind and deaf, and he has an extreme amount of difficulty getting up and down from the floor by himself due to hip pain. Additionally, he has suffered multiple strokes and seizures, and takes medication at least four times a day to help control pain and seizures. Unfortunately, it is likely that he will have to be euthanized soon due to his complex medical issues, but for right now, he is comfortable and stable. My other animal is a ten year old Norfolk Terrier mix. He is in excellent health, and is still very vibrant and full of life. He is also neutered, current on all his vaccinations, and takes heartworm and flea and tick medication regularly. He is heartworm negative, has no medical issues, and our vet tells us that he is quite sturdy and likely to live another seven to ten years. So it was with a heavy heart that I had to make the decision to re-home the terrier mix, as my own health is rapidly declining. It became clear that the little guy needed to find a new forever home, and soon. After trying him in various family and local placement situations, I was not having any luck finding him a permanent placement. He is not cat friendly (or ferret, or bird), but does fine with other dogs. A sweet and submissive personality, low energy, and a true cuddle bug. Loves to snuggle and be petted and loved on as much as you are willing to do so. He deserved to find a new home before time ran out for me, leaving me no other option than to have him euthanized. He had too much life still left to live, especially since he is a bit of a clown and brings a lot of smiles and laughter into our home. He needed someone to love him and welcome him into their home, and even though he is already ten years old, he still has plenty of years to offer love and companionship. After not having any luck locally trying to find him a forever placement, with the best-case scenario being an offer that he would be accepted as a foster with a rescue group, I was determined to find him a permanent placement. I simply could not allow him the uncertainty and stress of being in a foster situation, with no guarantee of a permanent placement. I owed him the safety and love of a permanent home, as it was not his fault that his human companion's health was rapidly deteriorating, leaving us little time to find him a new home. In desperation really, in the hopes of finding a miracle for him, I put his picture and profile on Rescue Me, hoping against hope that an angel might find him and fall in love with him and offer him a loving and safe forever home. Within about two weeks, I had a number of inquiries, but one such inquiry stood out among all the others. Someone willing to drive six hours to meet him. A retired couple who had several other senior rescues in their home. We exchanged many emails and phone calls, and after serious consideration, a date was set for them to drive the six hours to come see if there might be a match. I don't think I've prayed that hard in a very long time. It just felt right, like it was a match that was meant to be. What are the chances that we would find a loving home for an older dog; a home where he would be safe, and loved, and treated with tenderness and care? It was a long shot, but I truly believed they were his miracle angels. The meeting took place, and he took to them immediately (not surprisingly). He cuddled and snuggled and showed off his silly side. He kissed and giggled and gave them those warm brown Eeyore eyes. They both had very calm and quiet personalities, and they expressed how they felt drawn to at least try to give him a chance. It was extremely difficult to let our little guy go, but we were so incredibly blessed to have found Helen and Karl, who not only welcomed him into their home, but also immediately had him examined by their vet, (who found out he was harboring an ear infection, which is currently being treated). I feel incredibly blessed to have found not only responsible pet owners who will ensure he is in good health, but more than that, we are so happy for our little guy to have a new forever home where he will have plenty of love and snuggles for all the remaining years of his life. Yes, we were looking for a miracle, and Rescue Me helped deliver that miracle for our little guy. Our little Ozzie Doodle needed an angel, and he needed someone to find him, and very soon before time ran out, and thankfully, that happened to him. We are forever grateful to his new adoptive parents (and to his sibling doggie family, too). He will love having other doggie brothers and sisters to cuddle and snuggle with, and he is so very lucky to have found such sweet and loving and generous-hearted people who would welcome him into their home. Thank you to Helen and Karl, and thank you to Rescue Me too. Amen.

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Sender: Susan Jaussi     Date: December 13, 2016 _
     Rescue Me was a big help. It made it possible for our family to be able to add two new members to our forever family, Polar and Princess Pinkey Marie. We had lost a pet in August and been lost. These pets needed love and a home and we had the home and needed to share love for a pet. We were able to keep these two pets together. In less than a day, all six pets are accepting each other and having fun. No more moping kids and pets that sleep all day. Thank you for your help. So far a very win, win situation.

Sender: Susan Jaussi     Date: December 13, 2016 _
     I want to thank Rescue Me for providing this service for rescuing animals. About five years ago I had to move to a home where I was not allowed to have pets and had to give away five family members who were dogs. I looked high and low for homes for them and after three months of looking, I had to surrender them to an animal shelter. We drove over 100 miles to find a no kill shelter with a 99.9 % adoption rate. We signed that we would never look for them. This was so hard, and my kids still worry about them. After a while we moved where we could have pets and it has been a blessing. I have two kids on the Autism Spectrum and one very active one with anger issues, my youngest wants to be a veterinarian with reading issues. So we have been getting pets back in our lives... Those who needed new homes, including a Shih Tzu, Pomeranian mix puppy. Then through a fluke she was ran over last August, two days before my daughter's ninth birthday and three days before our nineteenth wedding anniversary. We have all been lost without her, especially my nine year old daughter and our black lab mix, Ebony. In September I heard about your website from my daughters Special Ed Teacher. So we registered and have been getting your updates ever since. We have tried to get a few, but were too late. This last Saturday after a fun day, I was heading to bed and felt like I needed to check your update. I found Princess Pinky Marie, who needed a forever home. So at 11:15 at night, I sent a message. I have never contacted people after 9:00 p.m. But when I saw the message that she might be euthanized soon I knew I needed to act fast. Then 15 minutes later they answered back, but I had gone to bed, but received the message Sunday morning. They said we could have her. We all jumped for joy. Then we noticed that the same person also had another pet needing rescue, Polar. My 13 year old had been wanting a male dog, so we asked about both dogs and they said yes. Monday night after school, I drove 1oo miles to meet and bring home Polar and Princess. Our two dogs, one cat and one kitten have accepted them already and they are accepting us too. We have a large house and large fenced yard so it is a win for us. Plus we plan on emailing each other and we have said they can come visit. We told them if in the future they find they are in a place where they can have a pet and we will give them back. They said just visiting would be great. They said we made their holidays better because they did not have to worry about their pets. It has made our holidays better too. We love helping others plus we love our two new family members. Our dogs our not sulking any more. It is nice to see their wagging tails again. Thank you so much for your site and what you do. My nine year old is laughing again and loving cuddling with the dogs. She has said ' I have my Christmas present early, I am so happy again'.Thank you again for your services. We are very satisfied and it was worth the wait.

Millions of animals die each year in animal shelters. You can help stop this: Donate to Norfolk Terrier Rescue

Sender: Mickie Kreszswick     Date: May 26, 2015 _
     Thank you, Rescue Me. I am happy to report that within 24 hours, Sister was able to find a permanent home. Thanks to all the inquires. Have a great day!

Sender: Elizabeth Kane     Date: April 14, 2014 _
     My sweet Norfolk Terrier was rehomed through the Rescue Me site in eight days (initial contact was within two days). The new home and parents are everything I could have wished for. This site is a lifesaver!

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Sender: Greg Lepage     Date: April 7, 2014 _
     Excellent. I was able to find a home for my terrier within a week.

Sender: Bella Hampton     Date: May 2, 2013 _
     Bella is happily moving to a farm where she can run and play, and be loved by someone who has the time and commitment to dogs that she deserves.

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Sender: Connie Hendsbee     Date: December 23, 2012 _
     Thank you Rescue Me! My little foster girl Alice found her forever home and I couldn't be happier for her... From bringing her home from the shelter, scared and shy, and seeing her evolve into a spunky puppy going to her new home, really warms my heart! Without your help, rescues could not do what we do... Thank you!

Sender: Andrea Shinkus     Date: September 27, 2011 _
     Jeff, The website is amazing, after you reposted my dog for adoption by the next day I had 3 people wanting to adopt Cooper, and within days my email had 10 potential homes. Thank you so much for helping. You website is truly a blessing. Andrea Shinkus

Millions of animals die each year in animal shelters. You can help stop this: Donate to Norfolk Terrier Rescue

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